Nitrile Gloves from Malaysia and VIetnam

Nitrile Gloves

Made in Malaysia and Vietnam nitrile gloves are available. 

For companies and organizations looking for disposable nitrile gloves


Providing Nitrile Gloves At Affordable Prices


Currently, the prevalence of COVID-19 and the associated vaccination program are causing a global shortage of nitrile gloves. Initially, we are searching for and arranging FDA-certified nitrile gloves for the United States, and we are now able to receive priority inquiries from nitrile glove manufacturing plants in Malaysia and Vietnam.


Nitrile gloves are mainly produced in Thailand, China, Vietnam and Malaysia, but countries around the world have already secured a large amount of nitrile gloves, and the delivery date for new orders has been significantly delayed by several months.

At the moment, we are able to make priority arrangements with a lead time of about 6 weeks. We can also provide samples, so please contact us once if you are a company or organization considering disposable nitrile gloves.


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Nitrile Gloves Made in Malaysia

About Malaysia Factory

Powderless disposable nitrile gloves. It can be used in industries such as medical and cleaning, product inspection, and horticultural work. Designed to provide minimal stickiness for better grip and comfort. 
・No natural rubber used
・Confortable fitting
・FDA certified・CE certified
・Ambidextrous (for both left and right)
・100pcs / 1box
・10 boxes / 1 carton


・ Length: Approximately 240mm
・ Thickness: Min. 0.05mm (palm) Min. 0.05mm (fingers)
・ Stretch strength before use (MPa):> 14
・ Post-use extension strength (MPa):> 14
・ Elongation before use (%):> 500
・ Extension after use (%):> 400

Inspection system
・ Waterproof: Inspection level G1 ・ AQL1.5
・ Morphological examination: Inspection level S2・ AQL4.0
・ Physical characteristic test: Inspection level S2・ AQL4.0
・ Visual inspection (Major): Inspection level S4 ・ AQL2.5
・ Visual inspection (Minor): Inspection level S4 ・ AQL4.0 ・ Residual particle inspection: Inspection level N = 5 ・ <2mg / glove

・FDA 510 (k)
・CE Marking MDD Class I

・EN455 Part 1, 2, 3
・ASTM D6319
・ASTM D6124
・ASTM D5712


Nitrile Gloves Made in VIETNAM

About Vietnam Factory 

Powderless disposable nitrile gloves. Polymer coating is applied to both sides so that it is easy to put on and take off.
It can be used in industries such as medical and cleaning, product inspection, and horticultural work.

・ Powderless
・ No natural rubber used
・ Comfortable fitting
・ FDA certified and CE certified
・ Ambidextrous (for both left and right)
・ 100pcs / 1box
・ 10 boxes / 1 carton
 ・Blue and other colors.


Length: Approximately 240mm
・ Thickness: Min. 0.07mm (palm) Min. 0.08mm (fingers) Min. 0.06mm (wrist)
・ Stretch strength before use (MPa):> 18
・ Post-use extension strength (MPa):> 20
・ Elongation before use (%):> 600
・ Extension after use (%):> 500

・FDA 510 (k)
・CE Marking MDD Class I

・ASTM D3578-05
・ASTM D5712



We will answer your questions sincerely. 

Lead time?

It will be exported from factories. It takes about 6 weeks, depending on the balance between supply and demand. Shipment is available every two weeks.

Unit Price?

It depends on the factory and the number of orders. In addition, the price will be updated once every two weeks due to soaring raw materials. We are able to respond with a relatively stable price and delivery time by our route.

MOQ? (Minimum Order Quantity)

MOQ varies depending on the factory. Basically, it is purchased in units of 20ft / 40ft containers. The price will vary depending on the quantity you can commit, so please tell us the number of orders.

Will gloves be exported directly from the factory?

Yes. In addition, various conditions such as insurance will be handled in accordance with the conditions of Incoterms 2020. Basically, FOB will be used, but we are be able to this depending on negotiations.

Contract with the factory?

It is a direct contract with a factory in Malaysia or Vietnam. If you have any concerns about negotiations, we can mediate as well.


Yes. It is available. 

Payment term?

You will have to interact directly with the factory. Basically, 30% will be paid in advance by T / T, and the remaining 70% will be done by highly safe method with is L / C.

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